Do You Want to Rate Movies? App iPhone Out Now!

Do you need to rate movies? App iPhone is out Now and you're going to love it.

There are so many movies out there, it’s always hard to know beforehand if the one you’re about to watch is going to be a total waste of time or if you going to have the time of your life.

Why not enjoy what new technologies have to offer?

A new app to rate movies just saw the light of day!

Do I want to watch this movie?

Does this sound familiar?

We often hesitate before watching a movie, as we have no idea if it’s going to be good or not, and we find ourselves too “afraid” of not enjoying it or too lazy to try. We don’t want to waste our time. I mean, I’ll never get back the 110 minutes of my life I wasted watching Paperboy!

Sure now we can check the trailers on YouTube with just a couple of clicks. But are we not taking the risk of finding out the outcome? Are we going to know for sure if this is a great film, with just a 1 minute “presentation”?

Now, you can be a real film critic, using just your smartphone

Wouldn’t it be great to know if a movie is for you, before you watch, and avoid the annoying wastes of time?

Now, you can be a real film critic, using just your smartphone. This new iPhone app rate movies; and once you start listing the ones you love, and the ones you hate, it builds your profile and tells you if you should watch this film or not …

Rate Movies iPhone App … Meet itcher!

Every problem has its solution and the solution here is an iPhone app: itcher!

OK, so we agree on the fact that not knowing if we’re going to enjoy a film or not is boring... and can even be quite time consuming. But every problem has its solution and the solution here is an iPhone app: itcher!

The process is pretty simple!

You just need to tell itcher what you think about the film you just saw, if you liked it or not, or if you think it was only OK … You can even write comments and reviews. As I told you, the app will then build your profile and put you in contact with people with similar tastes. You’ll then enjoy recommendations from these people and know exactly what they think about the movie you might watch.

Imagine How Comfortable This Is…

You're slumped on your couch, you just finished an amazing movie but the night is still young and you’re considering watching another one. Usually, you would spend half an hour looking for a nice film, one that keeps you in the same mood. You would call a couple of friends asking for recommendations and after a while, you would just give up and go to bed.

Discovering awesome movies has never been so easy …

Now, you just need to get your iPhone, tell itcher how great this movie was and you follow its recommendations. It’s as simple as that!

The only issue you might have at that point is facing too much choice.

Discovering awesome movies has never been so easy …

And for those of you who are also Rock n Roll fans or enjoy reading a nail biting thriller, don’t worry! itcher gives you recommendations for books, music and games as well!

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