itcher Will Recommend Music Based on Your Taste (No, Really)

If you usually rely on your friend to recommend music to you, you probably haven't heard of itcher. And, if you haven't come across itcher before, believe us when we say you are about to have your music loving mind blown.

Taste in music can vary so widely, it's almost impossible to predict what a friend of yours might like.

And, if you haven't come across itcher before, you are about to have your music loving mind blown.

You might have a rough idea, but it would be a real challenge to pick out ten artists that you're certain they'll love - it's just too difficult!

itcher Knows You and Your Taste

This is where itcher comes in.

An entertainment app that's ready and waiting to give you new music recommendations, itcher uses other music buffs to help determine your recommendations.

And the best part?

The recommendations are personalised.

The Addictive Notion of Rating

In order for itcher to get to know you, you first need to tell itcher what floats your musical boat.

Once you've downloaded the app (have you not downloaded it yet? Come on!) you can select browse in the top right hand corner and then select the orange music icon.

In order for itcher to get to know you, you first need to tell itcher what floats your musical boat.

Have a scroll through and rate any artists you've listened to before, whether you love them or not.

1 lightbulb is for the material you hate, while 5 lightbulbs should be for the artists you love so much you're willing to sing their song at the top of your lungs so loud all the neighbours can hear. You get the picture.

Rate Until Your Heart's Content

itcher only needs you to rate 5 artists before it's algorithm can kick start into action, but keep going if you want even more accurate recommendations.

Once you've rated your first 5, it's probably best to head over to the Recommendations tab and rate from there.

Rate and rate and rate and don't stop until your significant other threatens to leave you because you've spent too long deciding if Nirvana is a 4 lightbulb or 5 lightbulb band.

Your Recommendations are Here!

The more you rate the better your recommendations will become, and you'll be amazed by how quickly itcher gets to know you.

It's like speed dating only far more in depth, much less awkward, and not to mention using itcher doesn't usually end in going home and crying into a glass of red wine.

For When You're itching to Listen (Sorry)

Found an artist you can't wait to listen to? No problemo, use the itchlist feature to add all the artists you want to check out onto there and have a handy list of fresh new picks.

itcher is about to change the way you discover new music - go have fun with it!

Help Me Find Movies I Like: Finding a Good Match

"Help me find movies I like" I hear people ask.

Well... life is short. The last thing you want is to start watching a movie that is supposed to be good just to find out, say, ten minutes in, that all you want to do is to throw your remote at the TV screen.

Why waste your time on a bad movie?

Help Me Find a Film to Watch

In our constant search for something good to entertain us, we literally have to “kiss many frogs” before we find our “prince”.

When it comes to watching a good film, we rely on what movie critics say or what our friends can recommend for us. If you are watching a bad movie, no one will ever give back you those precious hours you invested!

A good movie, instead, will stay with you forever and if you really loved it you will watch it again and again.

A good movie, instead, will stay with you forever and if you really loved it you will watch it again and again.

For example, if I could, I would only watch films like Dead Poets Society. Why? That film was very inspiring as it taught me as a teenager to be an individual and pursue my dreams. I prefer films that are either inspiring or thought-provoking.

Some films can really shape the way you look at life and to me Dead Poets Society did that – ever since I have been on a quest to be my own self and also to find and nurture creativity in other people.

Help Me find a Film Rating

Opinions tend to vary and the same movie can attract polar opposite ratings. Taste is very personal and I find that when someone doesn't share my taste in movies it's difficult to listen to their recommendations.

Film ratings give you a combined average of various opinions so if a film is deemed to be very good by the majority of the voters and only a few disagree you are likely to want to see that movie.

My question to you would be: how much of a snob are you? Do you tend to agree with the most uptight movie critics who only appreciate impossibly complicated or abstract plot lines?

Or do you prefer to watch something that is considered very popular so you can discuss it with your friends?

Or do you prefer to watch something that is considered very popular so you can discuss it with your friends?

For example, yesterday I watched The Big Chill for the first time. Directed by Lawrence Kasdan in 1983 and starring Glenn Close and William Hurt among others, The Big Chill won a couple of awards and was nominated for 3 Oscars. The critics loved it and so did the general public as it resonated with the anxieties and dashed hopes of thirty-somethings in the 80s after the heady days of the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Enter itcher

To me the film is rather narcissistic but I can understand why it was well received by movie critics as it's arty enough to be a bit aloof.

I prefer to look at what other people think of a movie, what emotions it triggered and have a bit of conversation – the critics are more than welcome to continue staying in their ivory towers!

And that's where itcher comes in.

The Easiest Way to Find Music Like Another Artist You Like

I usually have on while I am working, as it has the best playlists out there and covers a lot of eras and genres. Often I'll hear something I really dig and think to myself: “How can I find music like another artist I listen to?”

Sure, I can spend a few minutes perusing Google only to find myself getting pissed off with people making suggestions I don't agree with: In all seriousness, the MTV website tried to convince me Garbage sounds similar to Tori Amos.

Get With the Program

There’s an app for everything these days: finding a taxi in your area, checking the constellations, dog whistles - so why wouldn't there be one to help you find music similar to other music you're into? There already is one!

The itcher app will help you find the type of music you are looking for without fuss.

Filled with great articles, reviews and recommendations, itcher is just the app to get you out of your musical rut and introduce you to more bands that fit your style.

With the vast amount of music and bands housing the internet, it can be really hard to filter out exactly what you want; chances are you will have to scroll and click through pages and pages of useless info before finally stumbling upon something good.

The itcher app will help you find the type of music you are looking for without fuss.

Not with itcher – go through the music and song recommendations of friends and family and read through great articles covering all genres from the very comfort of your own phone.

A Whole World of Music to Explore

If you’re listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers for the upteenth time and are finding yourself singing their songs in your sleep, its probably about time you step it up a little. You can find music similar to other artists like the chili peppers by using itcher without further frustration.

The itcher app offers thousands of suggestions for every possible genre: everything from rock, pop, 80's hair bands, jazz and hip hop to progressive rock, alternative and Indie music.

The itcher app offers thousands of suggestions for every possible genre

If you think your taste is too eccentric for the likes of itcher you are wrong – this app knows even the weirdest of bands like The Raincoats or Captain Beefheart and will bless you with plenty of suggestions when you are trying to find music like another band you're a fan of.

Get Cracking

Now that there´s really no more excuse, why not get cracking? Think about all your favourite bands and their best songs and put itcher to the test: You´ll be guaranteed to find music like songs from your most-listened-to albums.

This app is all about aiding you in opening a whole new spectrum of music and movies to you. If you´re a die hard Nirvana fan, itcher will help you find more bands from that era and in that style.

Let me know what you discovered on your first itcher cruise!

Website for Book Recommendations: 5 Must Reads From Different Genres

​Hi, we're itcher.

itcher is the only website for book recommendations you need. Simply rate 5 of your favourite (or least favourite) books and unlock a whole world of new reads.

Today we're going to introduce you to 5 great books from different genres, because who says you always have to read the same type of book?

Our advice?

Try something new!

1. Horror

Recommended reading: The Shining by Stephen King

If you thought horror movies were scary, you're in for a surprise with horror fiction. A book can haunt you in ways you never could imagine, because it's all happening inside your head. Is it any wonder Joey wanted to freeze his copy?

If you're going to do horror fiction, this is the place to start. Terrifying but classic, The Shining will have you quivering in your seat.

2. Historical

Recommended reading: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

Historical fiction can often be difficult to get your teeth stuck into, mosty because lots of it is considered boring to the untrained eye.

Delve into the world of history books by starting with this children's novel which covers the harrowing events from the Holocaust from a child's perspective.

3. Chick Lit

Recommended reading: The Bridget Jones Series by Helen Fielding

Queen of unsophisticated relateability, Bridget Jones represents everything it is to be a woman in the most despairing of moments. Chick lit begins and ends with Jones, so familiarise yourself with the character who stands out in this genre far and above the others.

4. Career

Recommended reading: Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly

So many career books are motivational speeches about how 'you can do it if you really try!' and the like. Oversubscribed offers some practical and applicable advice on how you can create a business that is in incredibly high demand - a business that is oversubscribed.

Perfect to read in one weekend, this book is great for anyone who works in a business or is thinking of setting up their own.

5. SciFi

Recommended reading: The Humans by Matt Haig

Never has there been such an accessibly science fiction novel on the shelf. The Humans is a quirky take on the science fiction genre, with an alien finding himself on Earth and discovering what it means to be human.

Warming, charming and brilliantly written, The Humans will remain with you for weeks after finishing it.

New Genres, New Tastes

There is no end of fantastic literature out there, so take advantage by trying out a new genre and broadening your taste.

The great thing is you can keep track of all your favourite books on the itcher app and you'll be recommended new reads based on your ratings of other books - clever, right?

Get reading!

An App to Help Me Find a Book I Would Like: itcher

The joy of reading a good book cannot be measured. Once you've finished have really good book, the search for the next one starts.

Where do you find honest recommendations? They may help me find a book I would like, but so often we come across sponsored reviews among the genuine reviews; it is not always easy to spot sponsored reviews, and also it can be a real maze to sift through thousands of suggestions and see what's genuine and what isn't.

How Can the Web or an App Help Me Find a Book to Read?

An app to help me find books like other books could make it easier to find and choose book to buy by using an average star rating. To make a decision, the star rating is a good starting point and then the user reviews add more depth.

I don't know about you but if I have finished a good book that has inspired or moved me, I want the next one to be just as good and I want to find it quickly while I am still on a high from reading. Yes, for me reading is also about the feeling of gathering momentum and the pleasure of reading to keep the good times rolling.

Real People, Real Time

I also like the idea of asking people what they like, in real time. If my friends and not available, I want to be able to find out which books to read from a friendly bunch of readers who can come up with good ideas for book titles.

If this friendly bunch is scattered all over the world, it adds to the fun. I want to ask "what can I read next?" and, boom! A lovely list of book titles appears as if by magic for my own reading pleasure.

Books or Lovers?

Finding a good book to read is similar to finding your perfect match – you just don’t want to spend all your leisure time kissing a lot of frogs before you find your prince! So, just like match making is becoming an online pursuit, I don’t see why the same concept couldn’t be applied to finding a good book.

I want the results of the search to be precise, relevant, based on what I like and what I have read before, as if the app I was using could literally read my mind. Is that too much to ask? No, I don't think so because in life if you don't ask you don't get!

Movie Suggestion Engine to Help You Survive Your Studies

A movie suggestion engine is what every student needs. Whether you're studying for school or university, consuming dense academic material is draining, so take a break from your studies by indulging in some much-needed movie down time.

As a student, your time is precious, so any time spent away from the computer needs to be worthwhile. That means if you do decide to watch a movie, you don't have all day to spend searching for a film you'll love.

This is where itcher swoops in, your knight in shining convinience.

What is itcher?

The only app you need for entertainment recommendations, itcher is a suggestion engine that provides you with accurate movie recommendations.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to change your life, itcher will modernise the way you find new movies to watch.

How Does itcher Work?

itcher will ask you to rate 5 movie titles from 1 to 5 lightbulbs. From here, it'll work it's magic by kicking its algorithm into action and finding community-powered recommendations.

It does this by linking you to like minded people and seeing what they also enjoyed. It's an entirely new way to discover new movies and trust us when we say that you're going to love it.

Escaping Studying

itcher is the perfect way to escape your studying.

Spend the afternoon in Hogwarts or whisk yourself off to Middle Earth in order to forget all the deadlines that are drifting overhead.

Movies can be a great reward system for a long day of studying.

Movies can be a great reward system for a long day of studying.

Tell yourself that for every 8 hours of studying you do, you earn one movie.

Tie It All In

Watching a movie doesn't always have to be about completely escaping your studies.

You might find that movies are the perfect way to learn more, in a more relaxed way.

You might find that movies are the perfect way to learn more, in a more relaxed way.

Think about it - for most subjects you're studying, there likely to be a movie that relates to it.

History buffs will really luck out here, but other subjects will have movies related to their studies too.

Get Motivated

And finally, sometimes studying can drain the very life out of you. With the seemingly endless assignments and tough mark schemes, many students often need a little push to get them back in the game.

There are so many films that give you that 'go getter' attitude back, and you won't have to look far on itcher to find them.

Find a motivational movie you've already seen, and utilise the 'Similar Movies' tab to get instant recommendations of films with similar themes.

Good luck, kids.

What is the Best Android App for Discovering New Music?

What a great source of information that little black (or not) gadget you have in your pocket and carry around everywhere you go, called an Android smartphone!

Nowadays you can be anywhere, at any time and find with just a couple of clicks whatever you’re looking for, and even discover more of the things you love, and that you don’t even know yet …

Let’s say you’d like to find new music, then what would be the Best Android App for discovering new music?

Times Have Changed

It’s been a while since the cell phones are not only for phone calls anymore. First there were the calls obviously, then came the SMS and photos, and now we have internet with us, in our pockets at all times.

So we have access to our emails, we can check the films playing at the cinema or check when is the next train leaving! But we can do so much more with the right App! Like discovering music for instance.

It’s been a while since the cell phones are not only for phone calls anymore.

There was a time when use to go to the music store around the corner and ask for the new best records, and it was nice and “social” in a way. But we had to buy these records in order to know if we liked them or not, or be best friend with the owner of the place so that he knew and shared our tastes in music.

Now we have Apps ready to use on our smartphones, that allow us to find new music we (should) love, anywhere and whenever when feel like it.

What is the Best Music Discovery App Android has to Offer?

Android App for Discovering Music

There are now a bunch of Apps out there that meet very (almost all) specific needs we might have, and among these needs, there’s obviously entertainment. This includes of course music!

There are now a bunch of Apps out there that meet very (almost all) specific needs we might have.

We have been familiar with great Apps like Shazam or Soundhound for a while now. The concept is awesome: you here a song you like but you don’t know the artist or the title of the song, you take out your phone, launch the App and it tells you what it is … It’s particularly useful when you’re in a bar and none of your friends can help you on that.

But now, we can even go further!

Meet itcher

Recently a new App appeared on the market, called itcher.

It serves as a platform of word-of-mouth recommendations as well as linking users to each other based on their tastes. So basically, you build your profile based on your tastes, what you love, like or hate and itcher connects with other people from all over the world that share your interests.

Make our life easier and more enjoyable.

Then, all you have to do is check out the recommendations you get and rate them. If you find them interesting, you tell itcher and you’ll get more of those. If you hate them … well, same thing!

Oh yeah, and it’s free and the simplest thing to use

This new App follows the same principle has the evolution of cell phones technology … make our life easier and more enjoyable!

Try it out and let us know what you think…

What is the Best App to Find Video Games? (Xbox, PS, Wii, Etc)

If ONLY there were an App to help me find video games online similar to the ones I am now mortally bored by, an app to find video games -Xbox of any other system compatible- easily…

The Age Old Problem

Have you ever been playing Skyrim and tried to get completely immersed in the game-world only to have your loyal NPC character side-kick getting stuck between a couple of rocks repeating “I used to be a…” whilst you scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? STOP RUINING MY LIFE! No? Me neither. Promise.

But if that DID happen there are ways to get your fantastical fixes another way – but how do you find them?

What about the game you remember playing that was SO good but you just CANNOT think of the name of it? You KNOW it had dwarfs-with-rocket packs and talking-vegetables-with-abandonment issues AND chickens with guns but the ONLY game you can think of is slightly similar and nowhere near as entertaining or… trippy?

What is the best way to help me find video games online?

Diggin’ the Crates

It used to be that you could nip down to your local second-hand store and pick out the best of a bad bunch of used games at a fraction of the price of their retail value.

This was an affordable way to try some of the games you could never justify paying for at their original price and if you consider the release of the Xbox One and their U-TURN on the issue or pre-owned games it looks like it will still be the way to go in the future.

However, for those of us that have no second-hand games store or are simply TOO LAZY to go crate diggin’, there is now a NEW app that will help me find video games! Xbox, PlayStation, PC owners (and the rest!) can now use the itcher app to do just that by heading to and downloading the app you can discover word-of-mouth recommendations AND link up with other users who have similar tastes to yours.

itcher: The New Way to Discover Games

In a future where your digital world is going to revolve around your specific interests (yes, the world will finally be revolving around you!), the media and your entertainment will no longer be indiscriminately smashed into your face like a custard pie at a clown convention but delivered to your device of choice like a veritable vol-au-vent of variety.

And it tastes fantastic.

The Only Recommendation Website You Need: Meet itcher

If you're looking for a recommendation website, you might be looking for a place to get good movie suggestions.

Perhaps you're more of a book worm and you're always looking for new reads. Music fans often want new artists to listen to, and let's not forget all the gamers who need their next RPG fix.

The Entertainment Dream

Here at itcher, we cater to every entertainment buff's needs, particularly those looking for more unknown and underrated titles.

itcher can be downloaded straight onto your phone and will rest there, ready to help you whenever you need it. So what can itcher do?

After itcher has found out what movies, books, music or games you like, it can provide you with community-powered recommendations by linking you to like-minded people.

For the Movie Buffs

Always looking for something new to watch? itcher will recommend movies based on ones you already like.

Start by rating 5 movies and unlock your first batch of recommendations. If you love watching quirkier movies, you'll love itcher's extensive library of movies. with everything to Wes Anderson quirkiness to foreign cinema, itcher is every movie buffs best friend.

Be sure to check out all the different tabs for more information too - the Facts tab is so interesting!

For the Bookworms

Finishing a good book is an amazing feeling, but it very quickly turns into the confusion of what to read next.

With itcher at the ready, you can save books you've been recommended to your itchlist, ready to be accessed next time you're on a book buying spree (ah, book buying).

For the Music Addicts

Discover new music in just a few clicks by rating some of your favourite artists and then being recommended some new ones!

Listening to (and loving!) new albums can be your new Saturday afternoon. Get ready for the week ahead by stocking up on new music for your Monday morning commute to work, university or school.

And the Gaming Addicts

itcher knows that gaming addicts want to play great games. It's not like a movie, or even a book - when you commit to a campaign on a game, you're in it for the long haul, so it has to be good.

Allow itcher to recommend you new games and you'll never have to stress out finding brand new games to play again.

The Endless Benefits of itcher

itcher will benefit you in more ways than you can count. Your free time doesn't have to be wasted away: inject some new, exciting movies into your life, read more outstanding books, listen to more great music and play awesome games.

Life without itcher is dull - download the itcher app now and see how entertainment can be.

Meet Movie Suggestion App itcher (and See Why You Need It)

If you're a movie buff, itcher - the most sophisticated movie suggestion app - is your new best friend.

The fit-it-in-your-pocket recommendation generator is on hand to provide you with freshly picked movie suggestions, based on movies you already like.

Why You Need a Movie Recommendation App

Your movie routine can get a little tedious.

You watch the same kinds of movies, you sometimes watch the same movie multiple times because you can't find anything new to watch.

At itcher, we say no to movie ruts.

What we say yes to is varied, exciting movies, ones that laugh, sob, gasp and leave you gushing to your friends about what a great movie you saw.

At itcher, we say no to movie ruts.

Movie watching should be like that, not a tedious journey through obvious titles and films that aren't to your taste.

How to Get Started with itcher

Getting started with itcher is easy.

Getting started with itcher is easy.

Download the app and set up your profile (which, luckily, is super easy), and then you're ready to go! Once you've excitedly squealed 'I've got the itcher app!' to everyone around you, it's time to get stuck in.

First on the list? Rating.

The Rating System

itcher recommends new movies to you by getting to know what you already like and don't like.

To do this, itcher just needs you to rate some movies to indicate what it is that floats your movie boat.

Rating is simple, fun and super addictive. You can read more on exactly what each rating means in this article.

When itcher Works It's Magic

You'll need to rate 5 titles to unlock your first batch of movie recommendations and once you've done that, it's time to keep rating!

The more itcher knows about you and your taste, the better recommendations it can give.

It's likely you will have seen some of the recommendations in your first batch, so be sure to rate them accordingly.

The more itcher knows about you and your taste, the better recommendations it can give.

From there, itcher will keep working it's magic to get stronger and stronger.

Post-Movie Routine

What do you usually do after watching movie? Wait for a while and fall asleep on the sofa? Turn it off and make some food?

Now you can be a part of a buzzing community full of people who love movies just as much as you do.

When a movie is finished you can open up the itcher app, rate the title you've just watched and read reviews on the movie.

If you have some particular thoughts on the movie you can even add to the reviews by writing your own thoughts.

Phones at the Ready

All set to get rating? Your movie recommendations are just a few clicks away.