What Should I Watch Next: itcher Is Your Answer

“What movie should I watch next?” is one of those questions that you may agonise over for hours. Fear not, we have a whole team of super-helpers just for you, from superheroes to fairy godmothers!

So when asking what should I watch next: itcher is your answer.


How do you decide on a film to watch?

Are you in the mood for action or romance?

Cartoons or horror?

What to Watch Next

toppic_movies_5Here at itcher we have come up with a brilliant solution – we have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. How?

We have this nifty and mighty algorithm that crunches and packages information in a pleasant visual display in a flash.

Yes, itcher app is like your personal Flash Gordon (or any other super hero of your choice!).


[alert type=white]A quick swoosh with his super hero cape and boom! itcher offers you a pret-a-browser selection of movies in order of genre. How cool is that? We challenge you to find another place like itcher.[/alert]

“There’s no place like itcher, there’s no place like itcher, there’s no place like itcher” (did you click your heels three times like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz?)

itcher is your fairy godmother with a magic wand that comes to the rescue when you don’t know what movie you’d like to watch next.

But there’s more.

itcher is not just an entertainment app crunching data away in the background. itcher is also a community of people who share the same interests as you.

Ready, set, go! We’re off to see the itcher Wizard!

Where else but on itcher could you choose the next movie to watch and make new friends at the same time?

Where to Start

[alert type=white]You could start making new connections by contacting our friendly team at itcher and see what movies they like and dislike.[/alert]

Do you agree with their choices? Why not say so. Then cast your net wider – itcher is a huge community of people around the world who love films. You will soon find yourself comparing notes on foreign cinema or movie classics.

I want to watch a movie to inspire me. I want to be entertained but I also want to feel emotionally and intellectually engaged.

First of all, I look at the available movies categories on itcher by clicking on the Movies icon:

• Coming soon
• Now playingtoppic_movies_2
• Top rated
• Most popular
• Action
• Adventure
• Animation
• Comedy
• Crime
• Disaster
• Documentary
• Drama
• Eastern
• Family
• Fan Film
• Fantasy
• Film noir
• Foreign
• History
• Holiday
• Horror
toppic_any_3• Indie
• Music
• Musical
• Mystery
• Neo-noir
• Road movie
• Romance
• Science fiction
• Short
• Sport
• Sporting event
• Sports film
• Suspence
• TV movie
• Thriller
• War
• Western
• Kids

I choose “Indie” as it’s more likely to have more interesting storylines and unusual characters. I am now offered choices of movies from different decades, so I choose films from 2010 onwards.

Movies that look very interesting to me include:

The Mill & The Cross and
Magic Trip.

Job done!

How long did it take me? Not more than one minute, and in that time I read the synopsis of the films and looked at the average itcher rating plus the top two comments on each movie.

What Are You Waiting for?

Go on, give it a try: itcher is simple to use (and quite addictive too!).

You know you want to.



The Guide to Finding Film Suggestions for Flights

I'm not all that keen on flying.

I think anyone who tells you they enjoy being put in a tin can and being plummeted through the air is definitely lying. Alas, if we want to escape on holiday, sometimes we have to get into the tin rocket to get to our destination. 

So How Can You Get through the Hassle and Inconvenience of Flying?

Movies of course.

When preparing for your next flight it's always good to have a film downloaded on your iPad or iSamsung thing or whatever it is you watch movies on​.

The best way to find new movie recommendations? Well, that's the easiest part of holiday prep. The itcher app has you covered there.

But movies for flights require a very specific set of characterstics, so once you have your movie recommendations, you've then got tomake sure they're perfect for a flight. Not sure where to start? No problem. Here's the criteria:

1. No Plane Crashes

This goes without saying. Even if you enjoy the demonic irony of watching a movie about a plane crash whilst on a plane, you know who doesn't? The woman sitting next to you in Seat F7 that's who. The most basic law of movie watching on planes is no plane crash movies. If not to save your own sanity, to save someone else's.

2. Avoid Tear Jerkers

Just as we want to avoid hyperventilation (see criteria 1), we also want to avoid you blubbering like a baby as you fly across the Atlantic. If there's a movie that you love but you know there's one part that really punches you in the heart, do not watch it on a flight. The flight attendants don't want to have to calm down the rest of the plane when everyone sees you wailing and think you know something they don't.

3. Keep It Light Hearted

Movie-watching on planes should be a casual experience. Now is not the time to be watching movies that make you ponder the big questions in your life. There's no time for an exetensial crisis while mid-flight. Plus you've got the joy of queing awaiting yo when you reach the other end. Do you really want to be going through passport control wondering what our purpose on this earth is?

Ah, the Deep Dark Abyss

There you have you ultimate guide to picking a movie for a flight. No plane crashes, no tear jerkers, keep it light hearted. Simples.

Now, enjoy the flight, pop on a movie and, as you fly over the ocean, try to forget that all that awaits you below is the black abyss.

Happy flying.

Searching for Good Music Recommendation Apps

Searching for good music to listen to is a bit of a mission: you need to carve out a little time (who am I kidding? You will probably need to spend several hours browsing through music sites!).

Searching for good music recommendation apps is just as time-consuming, so I've decided to do all the hard work for you!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion and the following does not represent itcher magazine's views.

I Want to Spend My Spare Time Listening to Music, Not Searching for It!

I want to find new music that I will love

To make my job of finding new music easier, I have decided to try different music discovery services.

I want to find new music that I will love – not any music, but something that matches my personal taste.

I have decided to use the same criterion: I used the same three artists (Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Duran Duran) as a starting point, then waited for the recommendations.

Here's my reviews.

1. Gnoosic – rating 3/5

This is a web-based app. The game is simple: you type in the names of three bands/artists you like and within seconds you get one recommendation. No need to create a profile.

The result: Cocteau Twins.

Yes, this is a band that was a contemporary to my favourite bands. I don't think this is enough for me. You have three further choices (I don't like it – I like it – I don't know) so the search engine can try again for you.

I went for “I don't know” and got This Mortal Coil. They are also contemporary to the other bands I chose.

My verdict: I was hoping to find “new” music, ie, bands and artists from today rather than the 80s. If you are simply after a quick turnaround then this app is fine.

2. This is My Jam – rating 4/5

This is a web-based app. You need to create a profile first.

You can either start by following people, who have created their playlists, or do a search and look at the results.

I entered each of my three bands in the search engine individually (Explore), and for each band I got about a dozen results. Each result was a similar band that was a contemporary from the 80s. A few of the results were the same for each band.

The results: The Cure, Erasure, Culture Club, Ultravox.

My verdict: I was pleased to find a wide variety of bands – I knew all of them because they were from the 80s so there was nothing really new there. Still, I much prefer being given more options at a glance rather than just one.

3. Sonarflow – rating TBC

This app is for smartphones and tablets (Android and iPhone).

I had to admit defeat, therefore this is not a full review.

To create your Sonarflow profile, you need to download the app, and that's where I fell at the first hurdle: you need a Spotify Premium account, and I only have a free account.

I had picked this app as it promises in the blurb that it makes it easy to find new music and new bands. I might give it a try another time if I ever get a Spotify Premium account but right now it's not a priority for me to get one. I personally prefer to support artists by paying for their music directly to them rather than pay for a subscription service.


4. Rormix – rating 5/5

This is an iPhone and Android app. You can either use it with or without a profile. I decided to create a profile: you can use Facebook or Twitter.

This app displays a list of videos by new bands: if you want to, simply take the plunge and start watching a video at random, then rate it.

Using my criterion of using the same three bands, the app came up with several bands to watch. You need to watch the videos to decide whether you like the recommendations or not.

The results:

· For Depeche Mode I got a long list of options including Automatic Writing and Strangers among others, which I both liked.

· For Duran Duran I only got one result (at the time of using the app for the first time; this may change as more music is added), The Crying Spell. They reminded me more of Hurts actually. Not really a match.

· For Siouxsie and the Banshees I got a handful of results (again, this may change in the future as more music is added): I would say that Genna Marabese was probably the best match, and I enjoyed their music style.

My verdict: this is a very clever app for new music discovery as it specialises in new, emerging bands. I prefer to listen to the songs rather than watching videos on my phone screen as it uses more battery, but then again this is a platform for unsigned bands that want to stand out from the crowd, are pitching for a record deal and are looking for more fans so videos are the best medium.

5. itcher – rating 5/5

Both available as a web-based and smartphone app (iPhone and Android).

To access music recommendations, you first need to create a profile (email, facebook or twitter). Then you need to rate five bands/artists you like from a list and the app will do the rest.

Because you need to select five artists, in addition to Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Siouxsie and the Banshees I chose two more 80s bands: Tears for Fears and Simple Minds.

Once that was done, itcher came up with a long list of suggestions.

The results: the list included both bands and artists from the 80s like Madness and David Sylvian, and contemporary artists like Basement Jaxx (I love them) and – a pleasant surprise – an Australian band called Bumblebeez. I liked their quirky music so I will put them on my music radar. Another result was Portuguese death metal band Shadowsphere, which is not quite a match but hey, they formed in 2001.

The band Client was another pleasant surprise – an electronic band that started in 2002 and supported Depeche Mode on tour. Great match.

If you keep rating, the recommendations get even more personalised – you can also exclude artists by clicking on “hate” if you want to.

My verdict: itcher came up with a variety of results, from 80s music to recent bands. I think that if you could find a way to filter the results a bit further according to year of release it would get even better.

Which Music App to Go for?

Personally, I was happy with Rormix and itcher. While Rormix is totally geared to showcasing new music, I also enjoyed itcher's eclectic recommendations.

Movie Generator Recommendation: Foreign Film Feast

Our movie recommendation generator is about to help you out.

Hands up if you like world cinema. From Asian to European cinema via all the longitudes and latitudes you can think of, foreign films are great for opening your mind and broadening your horizon.

If you are fed up with Hollywood blockbusters, or simply like to metaphorically dip your toe in international waters, here's your chance to find some great foreign films. To make your search easier, you can use a movie recommendation generator app.

The Trouble with Getting Non-Personalised Recommendations

If you share the same taste in films as your friends you are fine, but if you don't, what can you do?

Your friends will often rave about films they enjoyed and will try and convince you to watch them too. If you share exactly the same taste in films you are fine, but if you don't, what can you do? (The same may well happen with games too, and the itcher app can help be a helping hand to any gamers out there - take a look at our article for more).

I have friends who love art house cinema, and for them a “must see” film is, 70% of the time, something I find completely impenetrable (or sometimes plain boring!).

I am a bit of a snob at times so I will proudly share my appreciation for non-commercial films. However, I draw the line at films like 1925's Battleship Potemkin – critically acclaimed masterpiece of Russian cinema but for me it's pure torture.

To give you an example: my art house friends loved the award-winning Italian film The Great Beauty (Paolo Sorrentino, 2013); my mum hated it and my friends were split in the middle between love and hate.

What to make of it?

The Trouble with Long Lists of Movies

Every time I am looking for a good foreign movie to watch I am presented with a long list (anything from 10 to 100 movies). Sometimes you need to click through page by page and trust me, clicking through 100 web pages just to find a movie to watch is off-putting. That's a big chunk of time you have just used – time you could have spent watching a movie instead!

How I Found a Good Foreign Film on itcher

Finding a good foreign film was remarkably simple

itcher is simply the best movie recommendation generator. Finding a good foreign film was remarkably simple: first of all, I created my itcher profile and rated the films I like from a list. itcher recommends a minimum of five movies to start creating personalised recommendations.

If you go to Browse > Movies, you will see a list of categories. That makes your life even easier.

Thankfully, there's a category named “Foreign” for foreign films.

Scrolling through the list I noticed the inclusion of both recent films and classics from the 50s and 60s.

The category covered a wide range of countries including Egypt and China.

The films that really stood out for me were:

· Poetry, by Chan-dong Lee, China, 2010

· Au Hasard Balthazar, Robert Bresson, France, 1966

· The Death of Mr Lazarescu, Cristi Puiu, Romania, 2005

· Tsotsi, Gavin Hood, South Africa, 2005

Of course, I will be going back to itcher for more recommendations but these three films will keep me busy for a while.

itcher: Your Trusted Movie Recommendations Engine

Going back to The Great Beauty, I checked the ratings on itcher. The average rating is “Like It”. That's a good starting point.

I was unsure whether to watch it, but now I shall give it a go because other itcher users found it to be good and I trust their judgement.

Will You Give it a Go?

Create your itche profile now and start rating your favourite movies: let me know in the comments what choices itcher came up with just for you and let's start a conversation!

itcher: the Music recommendation App You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

There's a music recommendation app that helps you choose new music based on your preferences and it's called itcher.

Discovering new music can take plenty of your waking hours; sometimes the search for the perfect song can continue well into the night!

itcher will take the guesswork out of the equation and gives you specific results that match your taste in music (it's magic!).

Is there a Good Music Suggestion App that Gives Accurate Results?

We need to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to music...

If an app does just some simple number-crunching, it will give you a result based on a random generator.

For example, if I search for a band that reminds me of my favourite artists from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, I tend to get results that only match one of my favourite artists but not all of them. That's because a random generator will come up with suggestion based on how music is put into categories.

Sometimes I go on youtube and browse videos – but getting some gems it's literally like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The problem is that I could waste an entire evening doing this and not find anything I like (it's almost like going clothes shopping!).

I Haven't Got All Day

We are not here to research for a PhD in music.

Let me put it bluntly: I want to just click my fingers and get what I want. I'm too impatient to spend hours researching a band I might like after listening to hundreds of songs and put together enough information to write a comparative study about music.

I know many people who love browsing through endless websites, forums, youtube videos. All I can say is be my guest. For them it's all about the thrill of the chase, the joy of discovering something new; they have the patience. I haven't.

Researching good music is also a lonely job: it's not a communal experience like going to a music festival.

Something's Missing

Something's missing from the music discovery experience: it's the extra “flavour” of comparing and sharing music taste with your peers in real time.

The best music discoveries happen in clubs, music festivals and generally speaking by talking to other people. The way we enjoy music is often very individualistic as we put on our headphones to filter out the outside world (this is often the case while commuting to and from work).

Give Me the Results Now: itcher, the music suggestion app

I know what I want, and I want it now

It's not all doom and gloom though: for instant, accurate results there's itcher, the new music recommendations engine that calibrates your likes and dislikes with what other members of its community has rated. An app is only as useful as its music recommendations and itcher provides targeted, high quality results based on thousands of ratings.

You get the best results by entering as many artists you love into the search engine as possible. itcher knows you are unique and blessed with an amazing taste in music.

The best recommendations tend to be hand-picked especially for you: they are either from close friends or people who know which artists you like listening to.

What itcher Can Do for You

itcher uses smart technology to recommend music based on ratings from users.

When you create a profile on itcher, you can:

· list all the music you like

· rate music

· connect with other people

In one clean sweep, you get both music recommendations and enjoy a social experience.

Get Your itcher Profile Now!

It's easy to get started on itcher – get your profile now and start discovering new music.

I Found a Great Movie to Watch Thanks to itcher App

If you fancy watching a good movie but don't know where to start, now the search is much easier with itcher app, the movie suggestion engine. I've found a great movie to watch and it only took me a few clicks.

The Dilemma of What to Watch

What film should I watch tonight? I really don't fancy spending hours looking for a title

Night in, popcorn and snacks at the ready but.... what to watch?

If your taste in movies is quite eclectic (maybe just how you like your popcorn: chocolate and chilli popcorn anyone?) and you don't even know what to fancy watching tonight, where do you start?

Not knowing what you want can be a nightmare! Talking of nightmares: do you like horror movies? Or do you prefer a comedy or an action movie? How about a cartoon?

Easy to Get Lost with So Much Choice

How much time have you got to look for a good movie? With so much choice available, what you really want is to go straight to a list of cherry-picked titles

Searching for a good movie usually starts with picking a category: blockbusters, action movies, foreign films, war movies, cartoons, comedy, crime/drama, romance, sci-fi...

The list goes on.

Maybe you are in the mood for a documentary, or maybe you fancy watching a short film for a change.

OK, so we have established your starting point. What next? Is there a website that recommends movies?

A Website that Recommends Movies

All the information at your fingertips...

When browsing online or scrolling on your phone, each movie category will include thousands upon thousands of movie titles. You need to comb through a myriad of films: first impressions count as we usually take in the promotional poster visually, then read the film description, then the reviews.

You could go on youtube and watch each and every trailer, but that would take you about the same time as watching an entire movie!

What you really need is a place where all the information about a movie including viewers' ratings is at your fingertips: a movie suggester whispering sweetly in your ear...

What I Needed all Along was the itcher App

itcher can simplify the search for a good movie, but it can also do more. How?

· It helps you build a profile with your favourite movies

· Each time you rate a movie, the search engine refreshes its results and comes up with more tailored movie suggestions

· Movie suggestions get better the more ratings you add to your profile

· You can rate films you don't like and that will also be used in the search engine to exclude similar films to the ones you hate

· You can see users' ratings and comments and decide if a film is worth watching

· You can connect with other users and start a conversation about your favourite movies

itcher Nails your Movie Recommendations

The recommendations get better and better the more titles you rate

Here's how it works:

1. First you create your profile

After I created my itcher profile (literally a matter of a few seconds) I started rating movies straight away according to what I like and dislike.

2. itcher learns what you like when you rate

You only need to rate five movies to start from, but the recommendations get better and better the more titles you rate.

3. Personalised results straight away

As I was scrolling through different types of movies, from drama to comedy and foreign movies, I saw the search engine refreshing the results and coming up with more interesting titles.

4. itcher found my perfect movie

As I was refining my search, itcher came up with some genius recommendations: one of them was Let the Right One in, a Swedish horror movie from 2008 directed by Tomas Alfredson. I don't normally watch horror movies but when I saw the user reviews I realised that it's more of a dramatic film than a horror: subtler and more profound than your average horror movie. Because I like Hitchcock, itcher found a match according to my preferences: I am not a fan of gore but I do enjoy a bit of a thrill and suspence.

itcher is Like Having a Personal Shopper

itcher is like having a personal shopper advising you on what suits you best.

The movie I'm watching tonight (Let the Right One in ) thanks to itcher's recommendation, is perfect – a chilly thriller in snow-capped Sweden while it's hot and sticky here in London. Cold beer, cold shrivers = perfect way to beat the heat!

And if you are reading this in winter, and balmy summer evenings are a just a memory... well, you may want to try itcher for a summer movie to reminisce about a holiday you had or to dream about a tropical island.

Try itcher – it's Fun!

Go on, give it a try, you know you want to! Go to itcher.com and create your profile: rate five movies you like, see what results come up, and let me know what you've decided to watch in the comments below.

Looking for a funny book? Suggestion site to the rescue!

Book suggestion sites are great. And, if there's a better (and legal) way to perk up your lunch break more than a chuckle-inducing book, I'll be amazed.

As far as I'm concerned, a good laugh-until-you-nearly-fall-off-your-chair book is the best way to escape 9-5.

Luckily for you, there's 2 easy things you can do to find them. 

itcher Is Your Answer

Firstly, we have the itcher app on hand to recommend no end of books, all tailored to your taste using it's fancy algorithm (oh er). Simply download the app, begin rating some books and before you know it you'll have some fresh new recommendations. Easy, right? 

Once you've downloaded the app, we'll move on...

Come on Kerry, Get on with It

Alright, alright.  Did nobody ever teach you patience is a virtue? Calm your pants, will you? Now I know it's tempting to begin rating titles on the itcher app to get your recommendations but let's make this about me for a moment shall we.

I love a good funny book, so here are three of the best chuckletastic books (according to me) for anyone who wants to perk up their lunch time or if you're just a miserable old boot in general. 

An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington is a radio producer turned star with an extraordinarily round head.

Guided by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Pilkington is sent around the world to experience different cultures, vomit-inducing food and supposedly awe-inspiring views.

This book is a window into Pilkington’s orange-like head and his hilarious analogies will leave you almost wetting yourself. (Please note, wetting yourself whilst reading this book is not acceptable, I don’t care how funny it is).

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Comedienne, actress and general all round badass, is there anything she doesn't do?

Amy Poehler shares her life in a series of charmingly funny essays that talk us through career, motherhood and accepting the fact you're a real adult. At times it gets very gritty and real, but for the most part Poehler's words bounce off the page and around the room in a comical and jovial fashion.

Amy's essays wil be most relateable for girls, but guys will still find them funny if they're a Poehler fan!

Life and Laughing: My Story by Micheal McIntyre

This book is hil-ar-i-ous. It's clutch-your-stomach, crying-from-laughter funny and if you've ever so much as grinned at McIntrye's stand up, this should be on your bookshelf. 

Taking us through his early years, life as an awkward teen and finally his success as a comedian, McIntyre is a captivating story teller who we laugh with the whole way. His writing is warm and easy and, just a note, there should be a 'do not take gulps of drinks whilst reading this book', because honestly you never know when you're going to be punched in the stomach with a hilarious line.

No Nappies Allowed

There you have the ultimate funny book guide. 3 fail-safe recommendations to get you started and an app that will keep the book recommendations coming.

Now off you go. Just remember what I said about laughing so hard you pee. Never acceptable.​

Interview with Fiende Fatale

Fiende Fatale are a London-based indie/alternative band who describe themselves as "four lads carving out a meagre existence as consummate practitioners of a redundant art form". 

Kerry caught up with Matthew Magee (Lead singer & Guitar), Alex Wright (Bass), Rolph Angelucci-Edwards (Guitar) and Dom Bowman (Drums) to talk to them about their new single, 'Chelsea Girl'.

Hey guys, I loved the new single. What's been going on since the release of 'Chelsea Girl'?

Thanks! Well, we’ve booked a load of gigs: Bristol, St. Albans, the Blank Generation festival in Tottenham. We’re also shooting a new video and we've laid down some stuff for the next track too.

Sounds like you've been pretty busy! So just to take it back to the beginning of the band, where did all you guys meet?

Three of the four of us went to the same primary school. Dom and Matt have been playing together since we were like 8, then the four of us went to secondary school together.

So you've pretty much grown up together then. What music did you all listen to in your school days?

Matt: Dom and I were big into our punk from no age, we used to go to gigs with his old man. We saw The Damned a few times, Offspring too.

Dom: My first gig was the Sex Pistols at Finsbury Park when I was four. I actually have the guitar that Steve Jones played, at my house, signed.

Alex: I’m the funk and jazz man. More recently, drum and bass, house, any kind of music that makes your brain go, 'what's going on?'

Matt: Seconded by the way - I love drum and bass and I'm quite into house. 

Rolph: I’m into good songwriters. The Jam, The Clash, Springsteen, working-class, angry guitar music from both sides of the pond.

Very nice. It sounds like you were the coolest 4-year-old that did ever live, Dom. Clearly you all grew up on a good palette of music. How would you describe your music to someone else?

Debauched urban fairytales? We'd also say we are the sounds that go round in a person's head while they are sitting upright in bed on a Monday morning wondering what the fuck happened. If rock and roll is dead, we want to headline the wake.

All of which sound great. So, at itcher we're all about finding great entertainment recommendations. What 3 albums would you recommend everyone to listen to?

Matt: Rolph just screwed up his face at the insurmountability of that task and said, "I need to have a cigarette."

Okay I'll rephrase so Rolph doesn't have a breakdown. Pick one album each to recommend.

Rolph: Thank you

Matt: OK give us a minute - kettle is going on have just started something serious here

*some time later*​

Okay, we've got it:

'Diamond Dogs' by David Bowie

'Soul On Top' by James Brown

'Colour It In' by The Maccabees

'Street Hassle' by Lou Reed

How do you find recommendations for new music?

Matt: Usually I get it the old-fashioned way, by word-of-mouth. someone tells me to check something out, it goes on the list in my phone, and maybe one day I listen to it.

Dom: I just go on Apple Music binges for new releases, listen to a load of Xposure on Radio X, and I get loads of emails sent through because I am booker at a venue in Stockwell. I've found some great bands through that.

Rolph: I listen to the radio, and what my friends tell me to listen to.

Alex: I get my recommendations from friends that play in other bands, talented people, and other musicians.

What do you think about itcher providing community-powered recommendations?

Dom: I like the sound of it, sounds like it would be good for one of my music binges.

Matt: I think there is such an insane and overwhelming variety of stuff out there, it always good to have another way of finding new things. In terms of what to listen to next, I actually find that even with the advent of things like Spotify and Youtube, I still seemed to discover a lot more music back in the CD days, so if there is anything that could help me find my way through the mainstream that could be cool.

Dom: It [itcher] is right up my street. I like the idea of having everything consolidated, then I can just scroll through a set list of recommendations.

Matt: itcher looks cool. I find it so stressful sometimes knowing where to look first in terms of finding something new to watch and listen too. There’s so much out there. It's madness.

I'm glad you like the sound of it! One last question: you obviously all know each other very well. If you were all stranded on a desert island, who would be the best out of you 4?

Matt: Hands down not me. I am the burden for sure. Dom and Alex are joint resourceful but actually all of them except me are quite handy.

Dom: I worked as a builder for a good few years and Alex sells wood.

Matt: Yeah and Rolph could summon the spirits of the island and get them on our side...

Thanks very much for talking to us. I hope all goes well with the upcoming gigs and new releases!

Thanks Kerry. Ciao Ciao.

How to find similar movies to your all time favourites

Of course you want to find movies similar to your favourites, because watching The Best Movie Ever comes with a feeling in your stomach that even chocolate can't recreate.

It's like a giddy, powerful 'this is awesome, I've found the best film' sensation that manifests itself outwardly in either a wide grin or an open jaw.


It's even better if you're at the cinema, where the voices are loud enough to vibrate through you and you're swimming through the storyline until the credits roll.

It's immersive and addictive.

Once you've found an amazing film, you know.And, from that point onwards you always find yourself thinking 'I'm not sure any movie can match up to that'.

But then, because movies are much like relationships, you do find something you like just as much.

The sad thing is it usually takes a decade and we're fast moving, modern people. There must be something out there to help us find those 'This film is so good I want to cry happiness' movies?

Well, itcher can do just that. You probably already know that the itcher app is the only thing you need for entertainment recommendations and you probably also know it all starts by rating a few movies.

Here's the Run Down:

1. Download the itcher app. Pet your dog while it downloads. Or eat some cake, whatever.

2. Open the shiny new app on your phone

3. Tap in some details to create an account (you can sign up with social media too, to make things extra speedy)

4. Begin to rate some movies (and books/music/games if you fancy) that you like and don't like. Be sure to find your all time favourites and - if you really love them - give them 5 itcher lightbulbs.

5. Bask in your wonderfully new recommendations that the clever itcher algorithm has churned out for you.

Once you've done that you're ready to watch movie after movie, only this time, the chances are you're going to love most of the movies you watch.

The Hermit Stage

But becoming a movie hermit over the weekend won't go down well with everyone in your life, so below are a few ready-made excuses for you to use when your friends/significant other/family are trying to drag you out of the house.

"I'm really sorry, I'd love to go to the barbeque but I'm waiting for a delivery"

"I know you want to go out Jane, but I'm teaching an online course on wood carving in half an hour so I just can't make it tonight"

"Happy 5th Birthday Jimmy! Look I know I said I'd make it there for your birthday but unfortunately I've got my foot stuck in the drying rack so I won't be able to attend. Feel free to send me some cake though"

Get Ready to Rate

Now you've got plenty of free time and some awesome, tailor-made movie recommendations to fill it up.

Once you've watched them be sure to let itcher know what you think by rating them. Your ratings get stronger the more you rate too.

Happy movie watching, you birthday party skivers.

Non-animated Movies Children Should See

Today we're looking at the best movies children should see. So, hi to children, parents, random internet browsers and adults who have never really grown up. Welcome to all, but mostly to children.

You, my younglings, are at an excellent stage in life. School might be rubbish but once your homework is out of the way you're free to watch movie after movie.

But Where to Start?

You've probably already seen every Disney movie ever, and animated movies can a bit tiresome after a while. Well, Kerry is a little bit older than you and has watched many fantastic children's movies in her time, both as a child and as an adult.

'Well come on then!' I hear you cry. 'We want to hear them, stop blabbering on!'

And to that I say you better watch your words or Auntie Kerry won't be recommending any movies to you, you little snot monster.

Annie (1999)

An absolute must for all children, particularly if you find yourself acting like a selfish brat from time to time. There's nothing like a movie about an orphanage to remind you just how lucky they are, but don't be put off; Annie is a feel-good movie you can watch over and over again. The thing I loved most about this as a child was the songs. There was more than one occassion where my mum caught with with the broom sweeping aimlessly just so I could sing 'It's a Hard Knock Life'.

Paddington (2014)

If you don't love a bear who wears a coat and eats marmalade there's something wrong with you. This shiny new Paddington is funny, charming and looks so adorably squishy waddling around London. I'm not ashamed to admit I rushed to the cinema when this came out (problem?) and laughed as loudly as the five year olds. I didn't even take a child with me. No regrets.

The Karate Kid (1984)

Kids, get ready for some serious life lessons. Daniel hasn't got time for bullies (who does?) and he embarks on a journey to learn how to become master of martial arts. Watching this when I was 8 left me charging around the house trying to kick as high as I could and karate chop the bread. My parents didn't mind too much. In fact, my brother is named Daniel after the little prodigy in the movie. My brother is no martial arts expert, though. My parents might want a refund on that.

Homeward Bound (1993)

Well kidlings, if there's something that'll stop you kicking the dog (I saw you), it'll be Homeward Bound. Adorable dogs that love their families on a heart warming journey. Oh dogs. Dogs are so cute. Do you want to see a photo of my dog? He's adorable. Wait where are you going?

Home Alone (1990)

Like the sound of desgning intricate plots to deter criminals from your house? Who doesn't! Home Alone will teach you that if mummy and daddy leave you at home you'll be absolutely fine so long as you can foil the plots of criminals that try to break into your house. Want to hear something funny? My little cousin loved Home Alone so much when he was a waddling toddler that he watched it daily and when he spoke it often came out in an American accent.

Mrs Doubtfire (1993)

Cross dressing is okay, kids. This guy goes to extreme lengths to spend time with his kids and it often ends in hilarity. I watched this on countless Sunday afternoons. This movie will teach you it's okay to impersonate someone so long s you have a good reason (although I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend the same).Spread your movie wings and enjoy the next batch of movie loving hours little ducklings. You can come back for more recommendations when you're done with these.

P.S. Don't be a pain for your parents. They're the ones with the money.

Popcorn at the ready

We hope you enjoy these movies. Try to rope your parents into watching them with you too, we think they'll love them.