Music Suggester itcher: 6 Types of Playlist You Need

You don't forget the first time you get some sort of music playing device (and you don't forget the first time you come across a great music suggester either, but more on that later).

You don't forget the first time you get some sort of music playing device

Whether it was a cassette player or an iPod, your first personal music device probably brought you a great amount of happiness.  

Now, with streaming services like Spotify and video sharing platforms like YouTube, creating playlists for different times in your life is easier (and more fun) than ever before. 

Here are the 6 different playlists you need.

6 Must Have Playlists for Any Music Fan

If you're a real music buff, 1 playist of your favourite tracks simply isn't enough. Here are some more you should consider creating...

1. The Morning Motivation Playlist

Get yourself moving with a morning playlist to perk you up. Include upbeat tracks, singalong classics and any songs that make you want to get up and rule the world. The more dance orientated the better, we want music that can pull you out of bed.

​2. The Travel Playlist

Maybe this is slightly mellower, but have a playlist ready for your commute that has that same feel-good factor (but isn't so dancey that you'll be body popping on the tube to the dismay of everyone around you).

​3. The I Need to Get Stuff Done Playlist

​A powerhouse playlist with all the next tracks that kick you in gear. It might not be as perky as the others, but it's got to be powerful enough to get you working and running those errands.

​4. The I'm Miserable Playlist

Sometimes you just have to wallow in your own self-pity. Whether you're heartbroken or just plain moody, cleanse yourself of the misery by listening to a cathartic playlist of ballads and blues.

6. The Chill Out Playlist

We wrote about the ultimate chill out songs here and we mean it when we say you need a great relaxing playlist to listen to after a long day. Time to unwind...

5. The Throwback Playlist

Revisit your youth by constructing a perfectly nostalgic playlist of all your favourite throwback hits. Remember those albums you listened to constantly through your teens? You still know the words to every track!

How Can I Find Music For These Playlists?

We're glad you asked. itcher is an entertainment recommendations app that can help you find music perfectly suited to your taste.

It's really easy to get started too, just rate a few titles and see what itcher suggests to you!

Until We See You Again

There you have the absolute must have playlists. Have fun creating them and we'll see you over on the itcher app...

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