Music Recommender itcher On: 3 Tips to Master the Art of Party Playlists

Using a music recommender like itcher isn't just great for your own personal music listening sessions (although it's brilliant at that).

itcher is also on hand to help with all sorts of playlists - work out music, studying music and (of course) party playlists!

To the organised mind (any Monica Gellers out there?), the planning stage of the party is almost as fun as the party itself.

The drinks have been purchased, the kitchen is full of food you can't eat until The Big Event and you're in the process of cleaning up everywhere.

But leave the cleaning for a moment and focus on the music.

The key to successful party falls down to three very simple things:

The 3 Imperative Things That Make a Successful Party

1) Interaction between guests

2) Enough food and drink for everyone

3) Good music

Now, we can't help with the first two - that's all down to you I'm afraid - but we certainly can help on the music front.

Here is your comprehensive guide to putting together an awesome playlist for your next party.

1) Music for everyone

Do you have people with different tastes, or perhaps born decades apart, attending your party?

The key to good party planning is ensuring everyone is going to have a good time. This means including some music for each set of guests.

Have some older guests stopping by? Include a few tracks from their era to throw them back to their youth. Maybe it's just you and your friends: if some are into grunge and some, indie, include music from both genres.

2) Blend the tracks for seamless listening

If you are going to include music from a variety of different eras and genres, it's important to make the transition seamless.

Be sure to include some all round musical pleasers in between tracks from different genres/eras.

3) Create 2 playlists

As a rule, every party should have two playlists. One more relaxed 'welcome to my humble abode, have you met my coworker Jeremy'? playlist, and one with more upbeat, late night songs.

It's all very well and good saying 'Ah but I can just create one long playlist that has slower music AND more upbeat late night stuff'.

But you never know when the shift in tone is going to happen, so keep things appropriate by having 2 playlists that you can switch between when needed.

Quite often a party will become more chilled when it reaches early hours, and you don't want crazy rave music on at 4am if everyone is sprawled out on the sofas and eating leftover pizza.

Party Perfect

We hope our party playlisting tips help you to have the perfect party.

If we may only impart one more piece of advice it is this: download the itcher app, fellow music buffs. You won't regret it.

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