3 Reasons itcher is the Best Movie Recommendations Generator

There's a simple way to explain the best movie recommendations generator to you...

Think of it like this: everyone has one friend who is a complete movie buff.

You probably have another friend who is really into their music. The next, a total bookworm who can talk to you about the superfluous elegance of Charles Dickens for a week. And, of course, the utterly engrossed gaming addict who spends more time on World of Warcraft than they do outside.

What If You Had One Friend Who Loved Everything Entertainment Related?

Think about it: a movie-loving, music-listening, book-reading, gaming prodigy who could recommend the very best of everything, all based on your own preferences?

Well, they exist and they’re ready to put in your pocket today.

1. Portability. Is That an itcher in Your Pocket or…

Meet itcher. itcher is a bit like your friends, only itcher won’t call you up to cancel while you’re getting ready for the cinema. itcher is your faithful entertainment recommendation companion, ready to suggest movies, books, music and games to you whenever.

Like the sound of itcher already? We thought you might.

2. It's Interactive. Become a Critic from the Comfort of Your Bathroom.

It’s really easy to get started, just download the app and begin rating titles you like and don’t like.

It gets addictive.

Before you know it you’ll be deciding how many itcher lightbulbs ‘Good Will Hunting’ is worth while you’re in the bathroom.

I’m not kidding either, that rating business is hard to quit. I’ve found myself trying to make my dinner with one hand whilst deciding how much I enjoyed ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ with the other. Just. One. More. Rating.

Once you’ve rated some titles from the enormous library (we’re talking millions of titles here), itcher will work its fiddly algorithm (which is pretty much magic in disguise) and before you know it you have the next movies to watch, albums to buy, books to read and games to play.

3. The More You Use It, the Stronger It Gets (Like PokéMon)

Yes, that’s right, the more you rate, the better your recommendations become.

It’s not as if we needed any more of an excuse to watch more movies on a weeknight with a Chinese takeaway but this is a brilliant excuse if ever we’ve seen one. There’s also something really rewarding about keeping a log of all the movies you’ve watched, rated and reviewed. It's like a record of movie-watching achievements.

You're Not Even Trying, Google

So, is itcher the best movie recommendations generator? Yes.

It’s certainly a lot better than aimlessly browsing the internet for hours only to find the best movie like ‘Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone’ is, in fact, ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ (come on Google!).

itcher saves you time, it’s fun, easy and it’s about to change the way you find entertainment recommendations!

As far as we’re concerned, it’s the best movie recommendations generator you’ll ever come across.

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