7 Ideas for Movie Lists to Create on itcher


Who doesn't love them.

We like to collate and categorise all our different recommendations on the itcher app into easy-to-access lists.

Interested in trying this feature?

It's a great way to keep track of all your personalised entertainment recommendations. If you need an introduction to how lists work, you can check out our YouTube tutorial for more information.

Here are 7 list ideas for you to try. 

Keep track of your personalised recommendations using the Lists feature

1. Must Watch List

Your friend at work says 'you have to see this movie'.

They're so excited about it, you think their eyes may pop out of their head.

And you have to admit, it doesn't sound too terrible.

You make a mental note of the title (mistake) and a couple of hours later, you can't recall the name of the movie if your life depended on it. itcher's got you covered. Create a must-watch list and add everything that you want to see and never struggle to remember a title again.

Suggested title: 'Inception' (Christopher Nolan, 2010)

2. Classic Movies

This is your 'great movies from history' list.

If you want to be a movie buff, you've got to know about the great movies that came before you.

Yes, this list is your chance to keep track of all the classic movies you haven't quite got around to watching yet.  Check out the IMDb Top 250 for some ideas.

Suggested title: 'The Usual Suspects' (Bryan Singer, 1995)

3. Family Friendly Movies 

Whether they're your offspring or not, nobody wants to have a particularly violent or crass movie playing into the innocent eyes of a six-year-old.

With a family friendly list of movies on hand, you'll have age-appropriate movies for all occasions.

Suggested title: 'Marley and Me' (David Frankel, 2008)

4. Uplifting Movies

​Bad day at work?

Stub your toe getting out of the shower and you're experiencing pain like never before?

It's time to ​consult your list of uplifting movies. Here you'll be able to collate all of those feel-good titles that give you a refreshed outlook on life (and help to ease your throbbing toe).

Suggested title: 'Cool Runnings' (Jon Turteltaub, 1993)

5. Movies to Watch Again

When a movie is particularly complex, or maybe has a plot twist, a second viewing can be an entirely different experience.

For all those movies you finish and think 'I wonder what that would be like to watch again', you can add them to this list, ready for a rainy day.

Or a sunny day.


Suggested title: 'Shutter Island' (Martin Scorsese, 2010)

6. Movies for Friday Nights In

Funny. Mindless. Pizza-friendly.

We think the best Friday night movies are the ones that entertain you without making you cry all over your pizza. But that's not to say you can't load you Friday Nights In list with a host of horrors and gut-wrenching dramas.

This list is where you can add whatever titles you think you might like to watch on a Friday night. Even if they are all tear-jerkers.

(Just watch out for soggy pizza).

Suggested title: 'Superbad' (Greg Mottola, 2007)

7. Movies to Watch with Your Partner 

If you and your partner have different tastes in movies, this list will be gold.

For every movie you come across that you think your partner may also like, add it to this list. That way, next time you're trying to decide which movie to watch, you can open the itcher app and have a movie on in seconds.

Movie-debating crisis averted.

Suggested title: Amour (Michael Haneke, 2012)

We hope you liked our list ideas and find them useful for your next movie watching session!

What lists have you created on the itcher app?



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