itcher at 4YFN (4 Years From Now) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) – Barcelona 2017

We're thrilled that itcher was one of the 24 start-ups selected to pitch at 4YFN (4 Years From Now), an international event held in Barcelona which happened to have the biggest turnout ever this year.

We had a fantastic time meeting potential and existing partners (more news on that soon!) and it was a great opportunity to network, get press coverage and generate new ideas.

Here's what happened...

Day 1: Setting Up Camp

Everything kicked off with a fantastic opening ceremony where they promised us we’ll end up exhausted if we make the most of it. We took them up on that challenge!

From then onwards we attended a few talks, along with doing a local radio interview. We then pitched to the press (which was a kind of speed-dating event), before finishing off the day with some networking.

Day 2: Networking

A busy day of meetings where we met and chatted to potential partners, along with potential investors. 

The talent and innovation in the other start-ups were inspiring and we had a fantastic time networking before interviewing for VIA Empresa and Radio Nacional de España.

After all the press excitement, it was back to watching keynotes!

Day 3: The Pitch

This was the day we presented itcher to all visitors at our booth (in Catalan, Spanish, English and even Italian).

Here's our Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Rovira, pitching to over 200 people!

We then had an interview for Catalunya Radio and for the University of Barcelona, where we told them all about who we are and what we do.

Day 4: The Last Conversations

With 4YFN over, it was onto Mobile World Congress!

This last day we spend scouting the bigger venue, which was fantastically designed. We watched more keynotes and wrapped things up with a lunch with Google.

Our Overall Thoughts

4YFN and MWC allowed us to gain valuable insights on the customer’s side as well as on the business side.

We found the best way to refine our pitch was by practicing with dozens of people. We really feel this was the key to a strong pitch! We also managed to step forward with our relationship with press and enjoy the undeniably fun environment for networking.

Our team (L-R) Daniel Rovira (Co-Founder and CEO), Ona Estapé (Marketing and Communications) and Patri Hernández (Head of Marketing)

4YFN has been a step forward in itcher’s presentation in society: we’ve touched ground with costumers, partners, press and pitched on stage! Overall, it’s been as fun as rewarding

- Ona Estapé, itcher Marketing and Communications

4YFN was full of fresh energy. MWC felt more corporate. Overall, a great experience. We've learned we are only as big as our ideas and yes, we ended up exhausted.

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