Industry Insights from itcher Co-Founder Daniel Rovira

Daniel Rovira knows the entertainment industry. As the CEO and Co-Founder of itcher, he's compiled his thoughts into a series of posts on his LinkedIn profile.

We've gathered the most intruiging posts on the entertainment landscape, including how it's changing and why soon we won't even recognise it.

We hope you enjoy this closer look into the world of entertainment.

1. 5 Key Ingredients For Better Entertainment Recommendations

The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is spend time searching

In this post, Daniel Rovira lays out the key ingredients for perfect entertainment recommendations.

2. The Large Content Distributors are Dying

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the need for the classic content aggregation business model is diminishing. Put simply, it no longer works

Daniel Rovira summarises his thoughts on large content distributors giving way to more niche, targeted content.

3. Why Netflix & Amazon Prime give you Miserable Recommendations

Just because you watched something, it does not mean you liked it

Many people rely on streaming services for recommendations. Daniel Rovira explains why this is missguided.

4. 8 Reasons Why The Shift from Linear TV to Video on Demand Is Happening Faster Than You Think

The future of entertainment is video on demand, and it seems as though after a slow start, there’s no stopping it now

In this post, Daniel Rovira explores the seemingly unstoppable force of Video on Demand - and what it means for Linear TV.

5. Too Much Choice - the Increasing Problem of Instant Video (and Why we Need Personalisation)

The challenge is in mastering discovery and personalisation

We are living in a world with millions of titles to choose from. Daniel Rovira explains why this is becoming an increasingly pressing problem - and what we can do it fix it.

We hope you found these posts insightful. For updates on entertainment discovery and personalisation, you can find Daniel on LinkedIn here and itcher's LinkedIn page here.

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