Find People with Similar Interests App: Solve Your Boring Nights Once and for All!

What to have for dinner?

What to watch on telly?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get recommendations for both?

This Friday Night... In!

Finally you get the chance to relax and have some fun after a hard week at work.

But... wait! You still haven’t decided which movie to watch.

This is the time when you could really do with a few recommendations from your friends but they all happen to be out and about too busy to hear their mobiles ringing.

You could search online, but what to search for exactly? Remember you need to know what you are looking for in the first place...

And you really have no idea of where to start.

How to Find People with Similar Interests Right Here, Right Now

You need to find people similar to you, people who know what you like, who could solve your problem by telling you exactly what you need to watch tonight.

So; where to find people with similar interests right here, right now?

We have the solution for you. There's a new app in town called itcher and it does just that: provides you with great recommendations that match your interests!

“Itcher is like a version of asking around for ideas; you don’t even need to send messages to friends...”

For example, when you don't know where to start a search for a movie, you can start browsing and look for other users' recommendations. Itcher is like a version of asking around for ideas and you don't even need to send multiple messages to friends.

Now, if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

Browsing Through is Fun

As you browse through different titles, you can read what other like-minded people think of the movie which really simplifies making a choice. You might even come across a hidden gem that did not make it into the general cinema distribution but that itcher users think it's a must-see.

Watching that movie could also help you recommend it to your friends who may have never heard of it before...

“You might even come across a hidden gem that did not make it into the general cinema distribution but that itcher users think it’s a must-see.”

What? Your friends only like to watch Hollywood blockbusters? Alright then, you can search for popular films and read recommendations from around the world. If you find yourself shouting at the screen after seeing bad recommendations and deciding you still want to watch that movie, you only have yourself to blame.

I told you so 🙂

itcher Connects Like-Minded People

How can you make the most of Itcher?

First of all, itcher connects like-minded people so the more you use it the better it gets. Start creating your profile by selecting movies you already like so itcher can start making recommendations for you.

  • Do you love romantic comedies? Then select “Love it”.
  • Not so keen on science fiction? Click on “Dislike it”.
  • Do you and your partner have different taste in movies and need to compromise? Click on “It's OK”.

Do you want to read the book that inspired the movie you want to see? You can check what other users think of it to see if they believe the movie did justice to the original script.

And if the night is still young and you fancy playing a game after you watched the movie, you can get recommendations on those too.

Itching for more?

Find people with similar interests - app itcher is a fantastic tool that will help you discover more of the things you love.

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