Entertainment Recommendations Platform itcher Partners with the Google Assistant on Google Home

“Ok Google, Talk to itcher” - the Google Assistant action that helps Google Home users find their next favorite book or movie in less than 50 seconds.

How often do people struggle to find a great book or movie? We’ve all been there. Say goodbye to endless searches with the new Google Assistant action that can give perfect book or movie recommendations in an instant.

Unlike other services which use a simplistic and inaccurate selection process based on “similar titles”, itcher learns each user’s individual taste. This means they don’t have to waste time and money on something they don’t like and instead enjoy spot on recommendations every time.

In fact, discovering entertainment can now be a fun part of downtime. Let’s say someone just got home from a long day at work - the last thing they want is to spend time looking for a book or movie to help them unwind. Here’s where itcher steps in: it learns what they like and gives exciting, personalized titles in just seconds. It’s like talking to a friend who knows their exact taste.

itcher wants to bring the magic of discovery to everyone by using the power of its community to match users with like-minded people in order to generate personalized recommendations.

Now thanks to itcher’s integration with the Google Assistant on Google Home, anyone can get new entertainment recommendations in an instant.

Users can get started by saying:

  • “Ok Google, talk to itcher”

  • “Ok Google, tell itcher to recommend me a movie”

  • “Ok Google, I want to talk to itcher about books”

  • “Ok Google, ask itcher to suggest me a book”

  • “Ok Google, let me talk to itcher about movies”

It will come as no surprise that the itcher tech team have been very busy with the Google Assistant integration.

The first step in this collaboration was agent implementation; this stage involved developing the ability to ask for book and movie recommendations as well as requesting product-related information and reviews. itcher’s developers then worked on being able to rate recommended titles as well as receiving more information about recommended products via email.

It was then onto the movie and book search mechanism which involved allowing users to filter by director, actor and author. From there the team’s focus turned to allowing for matching user input against existing book and movie categories. Next, the integration of the recommendations suggestion algorithm before finally working on account linking to allow itcher to share user information and recommendations across different platforms (Google Assistant on Google Home and the itcher Android app, iOS app and website).

Bookworms and movie buffs will love what itcher can do. With the power of its community and the Google Assistant, itcher will bring the warmth of discovery right into people’s homes. Users can also download the itcher app which includes 3 extra categories: TV shows, music and games.



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