Book Recommendation Search Engine: Best Books for You

Up until now, upgrading your reading exerience has been simple: add chocolate and a cup of tea.

You might not think the reading experience can get any better than smothering your face in chocolate while you delve into a gripping novel (I mean, that's the life, right?) but hold onto your chocolate covered mouths fellow book lovers, because you're about to meet Reading 2.0.

First, let me ask you a question - how do you discover new books?

Do you ask friends and hope they'll have a good recommendation and similar taste to you?

Do you aimlessly browse book shops with no clue where to start or what to look at?

Your upraded reading experience comes in the form of itcher, the app that will learn your literary taste.

All you have to do is rate books you've already read.

Simple, right?

And there are so many benefits...

Personalised recommendations - just for you

itcher is great for keeping track of books you want to read and even leaving reviews for your favourite books, but where itcher really excels is giving you recommendations personally tailored to your taste.

Simply rate 5 books you've loved (or hated) to get your first batch of recommendations - and then just keep rating from there!

The more you rate the better your recommendations get, so keep going and itcher will get to know your taste so well it'll only recommend books you're bound to love.

More books, more reading

With all these recommendations on hand, you can spend more time reading and less time searching!

And that's great if you're a real bookworm and can't get enough of page turning fiction...

Say goodbye to aimless wondering

Looking through book stores is such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The smell of books, endless blurbs to browse through...

Ah bliss.

And, with itcher in your pocket ready to refer to, you have a personal guide to direct you to books worth checking out.

Save any books you like the look of to your list on itcher and you can browse through it whilst in store to find a few new reads.

And if you're not the bookshop-wonderer type - no problem!

Hit the shop tab when looking at a book in itcher and buy directly from the app.

Get started now

itcher is raring to go, so download it from your app store and get rating.

Once you're in the swing of rating, reading and reviewing you'll wonder what on earth you did before you had the itcher app in your pocket.

Happy reading, bookworms.

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