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  1. Book Suggestion Generator: 3 Genres You Have To Read

    When you’re stuck in a reading rut, a book suggestion generator like itcher can be just what you need for new book recommendations. Abandon Your Reading RutIf you’re bored of reading the same old same old, here are 3 genres we think everybody should read at least once…​ HorrorYou have to read a terrifying horror […]

  2. Book Recommendation Generator itcher on 3 Must Read Career Books

    As a book recommendation generator, we love all kinds of books. And books that often get forgotten (or shamed for being boring) are career books. But we say no! Not all career books are boring –  actually, some are actually very useful. A good career book can have a big impact on your day to […]

  3. Modern Movie Recommender: itcher’s Best Features

    When you download a movie recommender app like itcher, there’s a lot to enjoy.So much, in fact, you might miss a couple of great little features. But not to worry, as today we’re talking you through the unmissable features of the itcher app. Hold up a second – what’s itcher?itcher, put simply, is an entertainment recommendations […]

  4. Book Recommendations Engine: How itcher Can Change Your Day

    itcher, the book recommendations engine, will do more than provide you with captivating, tailored made book suggestions.When you’re a regular reader, your day changes.It changes quite dramatically. Why You Really Need New Book RecommendationsEven self-confessed book-worms can go through reading slumps, where the day slips away from them, their poor books slumped on their bedside […]

  5. Best App for Romantic Movies: Introducing itcher

    Hello romantic comedy lovers. How are you all? Still getting over the cuteness of ‘The Holiday’? Still wondering what Bridget Jones is up to?You’re in luck, today we’re introducing you to the best app for movies you can find. You can’t deny rom coms are brilliant, and we don’t necessarily mean brilliant in the ‘oh […]

  6. Find Music Recommendations on itcher for Your Commute

    Mornings can be a little sluggish, but with some music recommendations to perk you up, your morning can commute can be a little more ‘yay’ and a little less ‘oh no why, please let me go back to bed’. Why Do I Need Music on My Morning Commute?Firstly, to drown out the sound of Mr […]

  7. Book Recommendation Engine itcher on the Best Times in Life to Read

    As a book recommendation engine, at itcher we know all too well that books have an ability to whisk us away. It’s instant, all-consuming and addictive. No wonder we love reading so much, right? There are some times in life that are better suited to diving into a good book than others. Driving a car, […]

  8. Recommendation Generator itcher on Why Movies Make Us Feel Good

    Movies are amazing and, as itcher is a movie recommendation generator, we know how much people value and appreciate a good film. And what’s not to love? Between crime thrillers and gory horrors, chick flicks and quirky originals, there’s always a movie to satisfy your taste. But what is it, specifically, about movies that keep us […]

  9. A Book Suggestion Tool To Get You Back Into Reading

    A book suggestion tool is your answer when you’re struggling to find the time to read. Whether you’re swamped under piled of work at university, working long hours or you just can’t seem to find the motivation to pick up a good book, itcher is here to help. We’re not judging, we know how difficult […]

  10. Book Recommendations Site on What Kept us Addicted to Harry Potter

    We’re itcher, the only book recommendations site you need!And, since we love JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, today we’re looking at the 5 things that kept us addicted to Harry Potter. 1. The Perfectly Devised ChaptersHarry Potter is a perfect example of a series of books with good chapters. Each just the right length to […]