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  1. itcher: the Best iPhone App for Discovering Music

    Finding good music that matches your personal taste is a bit of an endeavour: do you ever wonder if there’s an iphone app for discovering music to speed up the process? In today’s music landscape, there’s so many new artists and bands emerging on a daily basis and unless you get good recommendations, searching for […]

  2. itcher: a Great App for Unknown Music

    Don’t waste your time going through lists and lists of unknown music on the internet- most of them will have the audacity to list bands like The Killers or The Walkmen and I think by now we’ve all heard of them. Why spend hours hunched over the computer when there’s an app for unknown music […]

  3. Movie Rating App: 1 to 5 itcher Lightbulbs (and What They Mean)

    If you’re looking for a movie rating app, itcher is your answer. The entertainment recommendations app has a buzzing community of movie buffs, all rating and reviewing, along with getting new movie recommendations. How the itcher App WorksWhen you first open the itcher app, you’ll need to create your own profile – super easy to […]

  4. The Free Apps You Can’t Live Without: Spread the Word

    As people become more and more addicted to their smartphones (myself first), we’re always on the look up for new trends and features that would make our lives easier (or more complicated if we take some perspective). The Free Apps You Can’t Live Without, what are they? Do we have the same? Let’s try to […]

  5. Looking for a Good App for Finding New Music? Look No Further!

    Back in the day we all relied on MTV, TMF, Viva and The Box to spread new music. These days however, lovers of real music refuse to even zap through those channels as they are mainly filled with crap. So where’s our new source?  Right here! A good app for finding new music? It doesn’t get […]

  6. Book Generator: Recommendation and Reading with itcher

    itcher is your new book generator: Recommendation, Read and Rate is your new reading routine. The genius itcher app links you to like-minded people to provide you with accurate book recommendations.Like the sound of it? Let me tell you how it works… Recommendation: Hello New BooksOnce you’ve downloaded the itcher app, you can get your brand […]

  7. A Good Book App for iPhone: Instant Book Recommendations

    I don’t know about you but I don’t have the patience to join a book club. What can I say, I can’t attend tomorrow’s book club: the dog ate my homework. I do like to ask for recommendations for good books, but I also like instant gratification. Good things come in small packages: I like […]

  8. itcher: Your App for Finding Similar Books

    Are you a voracious multi-tasker who reads more than one book at a time? Then you are constantly searching for book recommendations. If you really liked that one novel, we give you itcher: your app for finding similar books. Finding a Good Book to Read Can Be ANNOYING One of the most annoying things about finding […]

  9. Suggestion Engine itcher on: The Royal Tenenbaums

    At itcher, we love unknown and underrated titles. As a suggestion engine, we’re always looking to uncover hidden gems which is why we’d like to talk to you about the masterpiece movie ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ (2001).The Wes Anderson movie delivers the quirky dialogue, sharp shots and delicatible set design. It was co-written by Owen Wilson. […]

  10. How Recommendation Service itcher Improves Your Day

    If you’re looking for a recommendation service to solve all your possible entertainment needs – hi!We’re itcher.itcher is a recommendation app that learns your personal taste and provides you with accurate movie, book, music and game recommendations. How Does It Work?itcher will ask you to rate some titles from each category from 1 lightbulb (for […]