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  1. itcher Will Recommend Music Based on Your Taste (No, Really)

    If you usually rely on your friend to recommend music to you, you probably haven’t heard of itcher. And, if you haven’t come across itcher before, believe us when we say you are about to have your music loving mind blown. Taste in music can vary so widely, it’s almost impossible to predict what a […]

  2. Help Me Find Movies I Like: Finding a Good Match

    “Help me find movies I like” I hear people ask.Well… life is short. The last thing you want is to start watching a movie that is supposed to be good just to find out, say, ten minutes in, that all you want to do is to throw your remote at the TV screen.Why waste your […]

  3. The Easiest Way to Find Music Like Another Artist You Like

    I usually have on while I am working, as it has the best playlists out there and covers a lot of eras and genres. Often I’ll hear something I really dig and think to myself: “How can I find music like another artist I listen to?”Sure, I can spend a few minutes perusing Google […]

  4. Website for Book Recommendations: 5 Must Reads From Different Genres

    ​Hi, we’re itcher.itcher is the only website for book recommendations you need. Simply rate 5 of your favourite (or least favourite) books and unlock a whole world of new reads.Today we’re going to introduce you to 5 great books from different genres, because who says you always have to read the same type of book?Our advice?Try […]

  5. An App to Help Me Find a Book I Would Like: itcher

    The joy of reading a good book cannot be measured. Once you’ve finished have really good book, the search for the next one starts. Where do you find honest recommendations? They may help me find a book I would like, but so often we come across sponsored reviews among the genuine reviews; it is not […]

  6. Movie Suggestion Engine to Help You Survive Your Studies

    A movie suggestion engine is what every student needs. Whether you’re studying for school or university, consuming dense academic material is draining, so take a break from your studies by indulging in some much-needed movie down time.As a student, your time is precious, so any time spent away from the computer needs to be worthwhile. […]

  7. What is the Best Android App for Discovering New Music?

    What a great source of information that little black (or not) gadget you have in your pocket and carry around everywhere you go, called an Android smartphone! Nowadays you can be anywhere, at any time and find with just a couple of clicks whatever you’re looking for, and even discover more of the things you […]

  8. What is the Best App to Find Video Games? (Xbox, PS, Wii, Etc)

    If ONLY there were an App to help me find video games online similar to the ones I am now mortally bored by, an app to find video games -Xbox of any other system compatible- easily… The Age Old Problem Have you ever been playing Skyrim and tried to get completely immersed in the game-world only […]

  9. The Only Recommendation Website You Need: Meet itcher

    If you’re looking for a recommendation website, you might be looking for a place to get good movie suggestions.Perhaps you’re more of a book worm and you’re always looking for new reads. Music fans often want new artists to listen to, and let’s not forget all the gamers who need their next RPG fix. The […]

  10. Meet Movie Suggestion App itcher (and See Why You Need It)

    If you’re a movie buff, itcher – the most sophisticated movie suggestion app – is your new best friend.The fit-it-in-your-pocket recommendation generator is on hand to provide you with freshly picked movie suggestions, based on movies you already like. Why You Need a Movie Recommendation AppYour movie routine can get a little tedious. You watch […]