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  1. How to Find Entertainment on the Internet? We Have the Solution for You

    The Internet is great at helping us find stuff that what we are looking for. But what if you don’t know what you are looking for? Nobody has properly solved the issue of how to find entertainment on the internet.Until now. What Options Do We Have?So what are the options we have at hand to […]

  2. Book Recommendation System & itcher Community Manager’s Top Picks

    When on the lookout for a book recommendation system to satisfy your literary appetite, you need 3 things for an utterly booktastic experience:- great recommendations- ease of use- a book-loving community For book lovers, these 3 things are all they’re waiting for.That’s why, when we designed itcher, we made sure our app was user friendly, […]

  3. Music Recommender itcher On: 3 Tips to Master the Art of Party Playlists

    Using a music recommender like itcher isn’t just great for your own personal music listening sessions (although it’s brilliant at that).itcher is also on hand to help with all sorts of playlists – work out music, studying music and (of course) party playlists! To the organised mind (any Monica Gellers out there?), the planning stage […]

  4. Recommended Songs for a 90s Throwback

    If you’re a music lover (and love hearing recommended songs) you’re in for a treat with today’s post because 90s music is feel good and brilliantly nostalgic. And, if you are a music fanatic, stay tuned for an introduction to itcher at the end of this post – the only music recommendation you’ll ever need.But […]

  5. An iPhone App for Book Recommendations is Waiting for You

    Getting recommendations for good book titles is quite tricky: sometimes your friends rave about a look they love but they don’t ask you about what you like. How can you recommend a book without asking you first what genre you prefer?You can try an app for book recommendations or ask your friends. Get on the […]

  6. How to Find Rare Films? Finally the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For!

    Wondering how to find rare films?Have you ever heard of this Italian masterpiece of 354 minutes, by Marco Tullio Giordana, “The Best of Youth” (“La Meglio Gioventù” in Italian)? Or have you seen that Korean mystery thriller “Old Boy”? These are both excellent movies and yet, we barely heard of them when they got out – […]

  7. How to Find Movies I Might Like? Try Itcher

    How to find movies I might like?Well, sometimes knowing what you want is tricky.When it comes to movies, the choice is immense and all you want is to get a good recommendation for a nice movie to watch at home, feet up and drink/snacks in hand.You may ask yourself questions like What do I like? […]

  8. Book Recommendation Search Engine On: Benefits of Reading More Books

    If you’re yet to use a book recommendation search engine like itcher, your reading life is about to be turned upside down (in a very good way!).When you’re a bookworm, reading is second nature. Any moment spent without a book nearby feels odd, worryingly odd, and often you’ll find yourself wondering when you can next […]

  9. Is There an App to Help Me Pick a Movie I’ll Love? Yes!

    Today we’re going to introduce you to an app that will help you pick a movie you love. The best part? The recommendations will be personalised to your taste.Say goodbye to the hours you spend searching for a good movie and settle into a new way to discover movies… Finally! An App to Help Find […]

  10. How Do I Find Music Similar to What I Like?

    The age old question: how do I find music similar to what I like?Both mental and physical health can be improved with music. It’s a fact and really serious studies prove it! So let’s listen to music!That being said, even without having to spend hours in a lab making neurological researches on anxiety or whatever, […]