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  1. Movie Recommender System for Indecisive Movie Lovers

    If you struggle to decide on a movie, you probably realise a movie recommender system is the way forward. And, if you’re indecisive and you thought there were nothing out there to help you – wrong! itcher is on hand and ready to go. The Indecisive WatcherThere’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you want to […]

  2. App to Find Movies You’ll Love & Why Watching a Movie Is an Event

    If you’re a movie fanatic and you’re always looking for the next movie to watch, then an app to find movies is what you need. Which is lucky, because we have exactly that and we think it’s precisely what you’re looking for… So, What is itcher?itcher is an entertainment recommendations app that’s on hand to […]

  3. 6 Benefits of Using Video Game Recommendation Engine itcher

    If you’re a gaming addict and haven’t yet come across our video game recommendation engine, sit back while we tell you all about what itcher can do for you.Playing games is the fun part, right?But searching for new games should be an exciting part of the whole gaming experience too.  At itcher,we decided to make […]

  4. Film Recommendations Engine Itcher On: Best Quotes on the Magic of Movies

    As itcher is a film recommendations engine, it makes sense that we’re all a bit movie mad. Today we wanted to collate some of the very best quotes on the magic of watching a movie, including guest appearance from a member of the itcher team!Let’s take a look shall we?The Very Best Quotes on the […]

  5. Music Suggester itcher: 6 Types of Playlist You Need

    You don’t forget the first time you get some sort of music playing device (and you don’t forget the first time you come across a great music suggester either, but more on that later).You don’t forget the first time you get some sort of music playing deviceWhether it was a cassette player or an iPod, your […]

  6. Website to Find Books You Like: itcher Is a Bookworm’s Dream

    Looking for a website to find books you like means you’re ready to expand your reading experience (and that’s good news). If you’re simply reading books and browsing stores looking at new titles, you’re missing out on an entire world of bookish goodness.If you’re simply reading books and browsing stores looking at new titles, you’re […]

  7. What Movie App Is the Best? Introducing Itcher

    If you’re wondering what movie app is the best for recommendations, let us tell you about itcher… The Best Movie App You’ll FindThere’s more than one reason itcher is the best and most enjoyable movie recommendations app out there. In fact, there’s at least 7… 1. It’s slickWe’ll start with someone underrated – our app […]

  8. Music Recommendation Site: itcher Community Manager’s Top 5 Chill Out Songs

    With more music ready to be listened to and a long list of new artists to check out, find a good music recommendation site makes walking your dog or just chilling out at home much more entertaining. Here at itcher, we’re all about providing you with accurate music recommendations: our app sits in your pocket and […]

  9. Recommendations Engine itcher On: Finding The Best Coming of Age Novels

    At itcher, since we’re a recommendations engine, we’re all about finding your next great read. And with teenage angst, relationships and learning what it means to be a person, coming of age fiction is some of the most emotionally loaded literature out there. Who wouldn’t want to read such beautifully prosaic novels?Today we’re focussing on how […]

  10. Where Can I Find Foreign Films Without Having to Think?

    Are you learning a new language and you fancy having a go at watching a film in its original language? Yeh. All good. But… Where Can I Find Foreign Films?!Long gone are the days of the video stores where we could stroll around the aisles staring at the DVD covers looking for our next acquisition […]