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  1. Get Noticed • itcher Magazine Self-Promotion Scheme

    Calling all creators of movies, tv shows, books, music and games.It’s not easy getting noticed.Whether you’re in a band, have published a book or released a new movie or game, getting your work in front of people doesn’t happen on its own.At itcher, we like creators. It’s what our platform is built on. Every director has […]

  2. Suggested By You: TV Show Category Now Live on itcher!

    When we asked what you would like to see on itcher app, you guys make it very clear what we had to do: create a TV show category. Our magnificent tech team got to work and now we can finally have our pull-back-the-curtain moment…And here it is! Our brand new TV Show category. It’s ready […]

  3. Entertainment Recommendations Platform itcher Partners with the Google Assistant on Google Home

    “Ok Google, Talk to itcher” – the Google Assistant action that helps Google Home users find their next favorite book or movie in less than 50 seconds. How often do people struggle to find a great book or movie? We’ve all been there. Say goodbye to endless searches with the new Google Assistant action that […]

  4. Movie Recommendation System: The Blueprint of itcher App

    When looking for a movie recommendation system like itcher, there are 3 key things you expect. Download the itcher app now! Click here to find out how.1. Spot on recommendations you can’t wait to watch2. An easy to use interface (slick design, nothing overcomplicated)3. A place for your movie watch lists and reviews you can […]

  5. 5 Must-Know Facts For Absolutely Every Start-Up

    by Daniel RoviraAs the co-founder of itcher, I know the first couple of years in a start-up can be up and down, but it is important to persevere if you really believe in your product.We’ve grown itcher from a seed of an idea into something that hopefully changes the way people watch movies, read books, […]

  6. Find People with Similar Interests App: Solve Your Boring Nights Once and for All!

    What to have for dinner?What to watch on telly?Wouldn’t it be great if you could get recommendations for both? This Friday Night… In!Finally you get the chance to relax and have some fun after a hard week at work.But… wait! You still haven’t decided which movie to watch.This is the time when you could really […]

  7. The 5 Essential Steps Before You Write Any Book

    So you’ve decided to dip your toe in the literary waters. Your inner Dickens is calling out and it is time to put pen to paper (or more likely – keyboard to screen). So you’ve decided to dip your toe in the literary waters. With so much going on between the first idea and the […]

  8. Your Search for Websites to Find Books Ends Here: itcher Is the Future of Reading

    Websites to find books can come in many forms – whether it’s your favourite book store’s company website or maybe a commercial giant like Amazon.  But they’re all missing something….Personalisation.Amazon doesn’t really know what you’re into. It might recommend books because someone else purchased something in common with you, but it’s not completely personalised the […]

  9. A New Android App to Rate Music – It Can Change Your Life!

    You waited for that new album for months, and turns out, it just sucks…You are so disappointed, you want to talk about it, get others’ opinions and feedbacks, but your friends don’t care about this band… Just pick up your phone and tell the whole world what you think…The app you dreamed of is finally […]

  10. How to Connect with People from Other Countries Free

    Connecting with people from other countries has become easier and easier over time thanks to the internet and smartphones. But most of the time, people do it for the wrong reasons, or the wrong way, and it doesn’t last. Hi! My name is Jonathan Cherqui; I’m French and I wrote the article you’re about to […]