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  1. Looking for a funny book? Suggestion site to the rescue!

    Book suggestion sites are great. And, if there’s a better (and legal) way to perk up your lunch break more than a chuckle-inducing book, I’ll be amazed.As far as I’m concerned, a good laugh-until-you-nearly-fall-off-your-chair book is the best way to escape 9-5. Luckily for you, there’s 2 easy things you can do to find them.  itcher […]

  2. Interview with Fiende Fatale

    Fiende Fatale are a London-based indie/alternative band who describe themselves as “four lads carving out a meagre existence as consummate practitioners of a redundant art form”. Kerry caught up with Matthew Magee (Lead singer & Guitar), Alex Wright (Bass), Rolph Angelucci-Edwards (Guitar) and Dom Bowman (Drums) to talk to them about their new single, ‘Chelsea Girl’.Hey guys, I […]

  3. How to find similar movies to your all time favourites

    Of course you want to find movies similar to your favourites, because watching The Best Movie Ever comes with a feeling in your stomach that even chocolate can’t recreate.It’s like a giddy, powerful ‘this is awesome, I’ve found the best film’ sensation that manifests itself outwardly in either a wide grin or an open jaw. […]

  4. Non-animated Movies Children Should See

    Today we’re looking at the best movies children should see. So, hi to children, parents, random internet browsers and adults who have never really grown up. Welcome to all, but mostly to children.You, my younglings, are at an excellent stage in life. School might be rubbish but once your homework is out of the way […]

  5. 5 Can’t-Put-Down Book Recommendations For Women

    Hello ladies (and gents), today I’d like to talk you through my top 5 must-keep-reading books that, once started, are near impossible put down. So whether you’re off on holiday or plan on spending all Sunday curled up with a book, I’ve got you sorted. The Husband’s Secret by Liane MoriartyI have to be honest […]

  6. Movies Everybody Should See: 10 Modern Recommendations

    Today I’m sharing my favourite modern movies everybody should see from 2000 up to present day. I think you’ll like a lot of them and hey, if you like the look of them all just take the week off work and binge watch them. Whiplash (Damien Chazelle, 2015)Discipline and the refusal to accept mediocrity are […]

  7. itcher: The Music Recommendation Engine Free From Hassle

    We know your struggles, fellow music lovers: you just want a music recommendation engine to give you music you’re likely to enjoy. Life is too short for bad music and it’s also too short for stress.itcher is what you’re looking for.Why traipse through bad album after bad album to find that one gem you love?With […]

  8. Looking for the Best Music Recommendation Websites? Try This.

    So you’re looking for the best music recommendation websites. Well, taste in music is as varied as it is broad. This makes finding new music difficult because there isn’t any one person who loves the exact artists, songs and albums as you who can make suggestions. It’s no surprise then that finding good music recommendations […]

  9. Looking for a Website to Find Similar Books? Meet itcher

    Hi. So, you want a website to find similar books to ones you already like? Take a seat. I can help with that. In fact, I can tell you all about how you can find the best book recommendations, personally tailored to your taste. Calling All Bookworms, Stop Everything, This Is ImportantIf you’re a book lover you’ll […]

  10. How to Find Good Movies to Watch When You’re Sick of Being an Adult

    Wondering how to find good movies to watch when you just want to be 4 again? You’re in the right place.Ugh, adulthood. Between taxes and dentist appointments, one can often find themselves wondering why they couldn’t be a toddler their entire life. Attention children of the internet. Do not grow up, it’s a trap.When one […]