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  1. Recommendations for Movies Based on What You Like: itcher Takes You on a Discovery Journey

    Do you ever feel like Indiana Jones, constantly on a quest for a good movie to watch? Well, your search for movies has just been made easier. Is there an App that Recommends Movies? Indeed. Our mighty little app is called itcher and its full-time job is to suggest movies to watch based on what […]

  2. How to Choose a Book for a Friend and Make More Friends!

    I tell you what happens with me when I am looking for a good book to buy a friend: I have plenty of “booky” friends and that means they know what they want. They attend book clubs, they know all the latest book releases and always talk about their favourite authors. Some of them go […]

  3. Website That Recommends Music Based on Taste

    “Computer says no”… How many times have you tried searching for some new music to match your personal taste, and haven’t found anything you like? same window” Enter itcher, the website that finds you more of what you really like to watch, listen to, read and play in less than one minute. Music can make your […]

  4. Our Website Recommends Books Based on Other Books You Like

    Are you sitting comfortably? Good! Soon you’ll be reading the next best book you’ve ever read. How do I know that? I’ve got a website suggestion to help you find a book you will love. Ahh… holidays. You’re sitting on your beach towel  reading a novel and sipping a cocktail. You’re almost at the end […]

  5. What Should I Watch Next: itcher Is Your Answer

    “What movie should I watch next?” is one of those questions that you may agonise over for hours. Fear not, we have a whole team of super-helpers just for you, from superheroes to fairy godmothers! So when asking what should I watch next: itcher is your answer. How do you decide on a film to watch? […]

  6. The Guide to Finding Film Suggestions for Flights

    I’m not all that keen on flying. I think anyone who tells you they enjoy being put in a tin can and being plummeted through the air is definitely lying. Alas, if we want to escape on holiday, sometimes we have to get into the tin rocket to get to our destination.  So How Can […]

  7. Searching for Good Music Recommendation Apps

    Searching for good music to listen to is a bit of a mission: you need to carve out a little time (who am I kidding? You will probably need to spend several hours browsing through music sites!).Searching for good music recommendation apps is just as time-consuming, so I’ve decided to do all the hard work […]

  8. Movie Generator Recommendation: Foreign Film Feast

    Our movie recommendation generator is about to help you out. Hands up if you like world cinema. From Asian to European cinema via all the longitudes and latitudes you can think of, foreign films are great for opening your mind and broadening your horizon.If you are fed up with Hollywood blockbusters, or simply like to […]

  9. itcher: the Music recommendation App You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

    There’s a music recommendation app that helps you choose new music based on your preferences and it’s called itcher.Discovering new music can take plenty of your waking hours; sometimes the search for the perfect song can continue well into the night! itcher will take the guesswork out of the equation and gives you specific results […]

  10. I Found a Great Movie to Watch Thanks to itcher App

    If you fancy watching a good movie but don’t know where to start, now the search is much easier with itcher app, the movie suggestion engine. I’ve found a great movie to watch and it only took me a few clicks. The Dilemma of What to Watch What film should I watch tonight? I really […]