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  1. Movie Recommendation Engine: How to Make the Most of itcher

    itcher, the entertainment recommendation app, will change your movie-watching life, if you let it. With this little app in tow, you’ll find the next movie to watch in a heartbeat. Why does it matter if I can find movies quicker?It’s simple. Less time spent looking for a good movie means more time watching good movies. […]

  2. Personalized Recommendations on Your Bookshelf: Your Guide to Organising Your New Reads

    With itcher on hand to provide you with accurate, community-powered book recommendations, your book collection is about to get better. How to Find Books You Love (and Spend Less Time Reading Ones You Hate)Once you’ve got the itcher app, you can say goodbye to accidentally buying books you don’t like, or get half way through […]

  3. itcher Music Search Engine: Times You Can Listen to All Your New Music

    itcher Music Search Engine: Times You Can Listen to All Your New Music

  4. Book Recommendation App: How Writers Benefit From itcher

    itcher is the book recommendation app you can pop in your pocket and take anywhere.The result is simple: less time looking for books and more time reading, and isn’t that what we all want? Do All Good Writers Read?Almost certainly, yes. Reading is the key to good writing. That’s why today we’re going to take […]

  5. 5 Times Our Movie Recommendations Engine Will Save You

    The whole search for a movie is often disappointing.But, with a movie recommendations engine you can take the stress out of your chill out time. With itcher, you can cut out the laborious film-searching time and just enjoy the movie. 1. Your friends are coming overThe chips and dip are out, and the beers are in the fridge […]

  6. Film Recommendation Engine: Why Using One Beats the Old Fashioned Way

    Back in the pre-smart phone days, film recommendations came by word of mouth.And hey, word of mouth recommendations are great. Sitting in a bar and having your friend tell you about the latest movie they fell in love with is a great way to spend a Friday night. The Recommendations Game Has ChangedBut the game […]

  7. The Best Movie Recommendation App? Try itcher!

    Stop, look, listen: that’s what you do before you cross a road. It’s the same when searching for a good movie to watch.You look around you, you ask a few questions, you get results. How about accessing a database of millions of movie recommendations from real users?Welcome to the movie recommendations app: itcher. A GREAT […]

  8. A New Game Recommendation Engine: Time For Better Games

    Rate games with up to 5 lightbulbsSo, you’re looking for a good video game recommendation engine?itcher is an app to help you rate your favourite games and discover more of the games you will enjoy based on recommendations from like-minded people around the world. TRY ITCHER NOW Want Games to Your Taste? You Need a Game Recommender… […]

  9. What to Read Next App: Spend More Time Reading, Less Time Searching

    Fancy spending the next 3-4 hours browsing the web searching for a good book to read?Of course not, you’d rather be reading!Enter itcher, the what book to read next app: recommending books you will love. The Process of Finding a Good Book Is Time-ConsumingWhy is it so time-consuming to get good book recommendations? On the […]

  10. Why You Need a Good Book Suggester Over Summer

    Reading is rewarding and there’s rarely a bad time for it (unless you’re  operating any kind of vehicle).It’s relaxing, enjoyable and often the only way to escape modern day busy life . So, if you ask us, reading is the number one hobby we should indulge in all year around. When summer is approaching, however, […]